Back on track with my little floorseries...
One one my favourite models And I played around with som gels in the studio the other day :)
Finally! Been admiring this model for years now, and at last we managed to get a shoot together. And what a PRO!!! Wow!!!
Another Collab with gorgeous Josefine and her amazing legs :D
Fantastic Nicole and I played with some gels in the studio the other day, when she returned from her studies in LA
Yet another shy model on my studiofloor...
New stuff with my fav Greek model...
New studioset from the usual team, Josefine Östman infront of the camerna and MUA Josephine Polly Lindstedt and me behind... :D
Starfucked outdoor shoot
I always end up putting Bianca on her back in the nature it seems...?
More from our little streetshoot
Out in the woods with Bianca, this time WITHOUT her calvins :)
Gorgeous Sara was kind enough to drop by before returning back to the US again :D
Hard to get good smiling pics out og models, but this time I think we nailed it :D
Studiofun with Andrea :D
Had the great pleasure to work with gorgeous Ukranian model Maryana Plekan yesterday... What a fantastic model!
First real summers day here in sweden called for some streetstyle shooting with one of my favourite models Ylva
Well... portrait of some sort
...buns out :)
More fashion portraiture from our studiosession
All in with all flashes and a bunch of gels. Added a smokemachine and ahot redhead to ;)
Editorial with Josefine from Scandinavian models
...and a beautiful model :)
Fun shoot With Josefine the other day :D
Fun session with Josefine playing around wit some golden paint
Back from vacation, and keen on some new poictures, hot Amina was dropping by the studio :)
Experimented with Color gels and beautiful Josefine a while back. Difficult but crazy fun!