Outfits that work in any job interview, or when you're going for coffee with grandma. Fashion, Portraits, etc. This level does not include anything that might even hint at nudity hence the number 0

Some exposed skin is present, but not so that it can be considered directly undressed. Skirt, shorts, collared etc. More towards the "party look" than what you might usually go to the grocery store in, but hardly anything that should upset anyone because of nudity.
Underwear plain and simple. Panties or bras, bodysuits, tights or similar. Swimsuits/bikinis also end up in this level. Can be made sensual and boudoir-like or more towards edgy/sexy/glam. The images stay within the guidelines for publishing on social platforms without anything having to be censored.

Includes, for example, pictures with bare shoulders, great feeling of nudity without anything actually being visible. Covered Topless is also included in this level and these images must also be able to be published on social platforms without censorship. If, as a model, you might wanna tape over your nipples to feel more comfortable during the photo shoot, and it is perfectly fine to do so.
The model's boobs and nipples will be exposed in the image, which puts a stop to publication on social platforms without censorship. May contain nudity to bare bottom, but no nude genitals in the  image. Can also work with the fashion style with maybe just a jacket or a see through top or similar.​​​​​​​
5 - NUDE
Here the model is completely naked, and private parts may be exposed in the picture. However, no "open leg" erotic or glamor-based images, but in the nude fashion, nude sensual or nude art style.

Erotic nude pictures, glamor feeling, more daring poses with sexual elements or similar undertones. Nothing I normally do as TFP as they are images that I have no publishable use for. This type of photography is only done as a paid job where either the model wants the images for their own use, or there is an external client for the images. The model must be 21 years old for this type of photography to be relevant.