What is a TFP/Test shoot?
A TFP photo shoot (Time For Prints/Pics) means that all those involved stand up without money being involved and all parties get "paid" in pictures that can then be used as agreed. The difference I make in a "Test shoot" compared to a TFP shoot is that it's the first time you shoot and more generally it's kept somewhat casual and simple, and I don't have any direct "requirements" that there should be usable images.Based on the result, you can then decide whether you want to continue with more theme- or genre-based TFP photography, which is when the public is a bit more excited about the end result we want.

1) Contact. I will contact you, or you have contacted me about something you'd like to shoot.  
2) We discuss possible theme, style, choice of clothing, etc. via e-mail, social media or telephone. Regardless of whether you have a theme or if it concerns a simpler portrait photography, it is good to discuss any reservations as well. (you must never photograph me in jeans, full body, half figure, headshots, my feet must not be visible in the picture, etc.)  
3) We book a time and place, meet, sign the release agreement and take photographs. Of course, you can have someone with you so you feel safe, just make sure that there is no one who inhibits or disturbs you in our photography. Sometimes I also have someone with me who can hold lights or reflectors etc. A TFP/Test photography generally takes 2-3 hours from start to finish. 
4) If you want to be involved in the selection process of images, after one or a few days you will be able to see quite a large number of images from the shoot in a web gallery in a Google Drive, to which you will receive a link.There you can see the images unprocessed straight out of the camera, only reduced and in low resolution, possibly in black and white if that is what we started from during the shoot. However, I sort out obviously technically bad images, duplicates, etc. The images are watermarked and these evaluation images must not be published anywhere! You then send me the picture numbers of the ten pictures you like the most and want retouched.
5) The images are processed and then retouched by me in order to be as good as possible, and in the style we chose to portray them. This may take a little while depending on how much is to be done, but never longer than 14 days from the photo shoot, unless we have agreed otherwise.I deliver ten (10) images per photo session which can be either the model's own favorites, or if the model does not want to be part of the selection process my ten choices. A photoshoot is thus the entire photoshoot and can contain several different "sessions", i.e. outfits, style, location, etc. and the total number of delivered images is based on the entire photoshoot.
6) You will then receive the edited images delivered in high resolution, to use according to the agreement. The images are delivered to Google Drive where they are available for download for 30 days.
7) Hopefully everything has gone well, everyone involved is satisfied and happy, and we will book another session.

Number of images delivered: 
To clarify this with pictures from a test/tfp shoot, as it turns out that there are sometimes too long discussions about the number of pictures delivered, the following applies: 
Ten (10) finished images are delivered to the model within 14 days.If the model wants to participate in the selection process, he is free to choose his ten (10) favorite images from the shoot (of those of sufficiently high technical quality), and these are delivered retouched and ready within 14 days of the shooting. These images may be, in my opinion, "lesser choice", and are delivered primarily for the model's own use as pure "payment" for the shoot. If the model does not want to participate in the selection process, I select the images that I believe best represent the shoot, and delivers these ten images within the same time frame. 
After those images are delivered, I may continue with my choices, entirely at my own discretion and taste, as I have found that the images that the model has sometimes objected to, or missed, are the ones that actually get the best response when they are well published. Therefore, I will rely more on my own visual sense and judgment as a photographer when it comes to these selections and publications. I also don't put a time frame around these images but they can come after a day, a week, a month or a year... Of course the model gets access to these images as well when they are ready. 
This is the arrangement that will apply from August 2022.

Where does the images end up?
Of course, I always do my best to keep track of where my photos go once they are published on the internet. Even so, it is impossible to protect yourself from images being stolen, borrowed, screendumped, etc. So I can never give a 100% guarantee that an image cannot appear in the wrong context, in the wrong place once the image has left my computer. This applies because you, as a model, are aware of this and if you have approved an image for publication, it is "out there" and is then to some extent beyond my control. Above all, of course, this applies to lightly clothed or unclothed pictures that the parties involved might want to publish in, for example, a closed forum, or a Facebook group with like-minded people. But it may not be as funny if it appears with an employer or other people who do not have the same interest or values ​​in the whole thing, because someone found the picture and distributed it further. So it's important to be able to stand for an image from the side of everyone involved, which is why I make sure to double check with the model before publishing those types of images at all. A published image is also not deleted, but will remain on the internet for a long time. I generally post photos on Facebook (My own FB pages, open and closed model/photographer groups) Instagram, 500px, Flickr and my website. It is different what is published where and when, but these are basically the platforms I use as "storefronts". However, the principle that is applied is "laid cards lie" and a published image stays where it is published, even if you as a model should regret it or get different values ​​after a while.